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Water meter itron woltex 2 inchi dn 50 mm

Itron meteran air type woltex size 2 inchi dn 50 mm

Itron meteran air type woltex size 2 inchi dn 50 mm

Water meter Itron Woltex

Meteran air atau disebut flow meter dengan berbagai merk salah satunya Water meter Itron Woltex


Starting fl owrate* m3/h  : 0.19

Accuracy ± 2% from* m3/h :  0.4

Accuracy ± 5% from* m3/h : 0.35

Admissible peak fl ow (10’ max) m3/h: 90

Max. admissible fl owrate (continuous) m3/h : 50

Head loss at Qmax bar : 0.2

Max. admissible temperature °C  : 50

Max. admissible pressure bar : 20

Indicating range m3 : 999999.99



Water meter itron woltex 2 inchi dn 50 mm

Water meter Itron Woltex
Water meter Itron Woltex


Woltex M is a horizontal Woltmann meter available in sizes from DN 50 to 500.
With its extended accuracy range it is dedicated to all applications around water
distribution where high reliability and accuracy is requested.

FeatuRes anD BeneFIts
» Hermetically sealed register (copper
can/mineral glass envelope)
» Extended range approval
» Interchangeable approved mechanisms
without re-calibration
» Pre-equipped through Cyble as a

Variable Qn EEC/ISO approval of Woltex
M ensures an unmatched approved range
of 107:1 (from Qmin to Qmax) instead of
66:1 for standard class B meters. This
is ensuring accurate and reliable data
collection in a large scope of fl ow-rates
typical of water network applications.
Leakage detection as far as peak
demands are accurately monitored initially
and over time.

endurance & Peak Flow Resistance
This extended approval is the result of
more than twenty years experience in
Horizontal Woltmann design, from the
fi rst hydrodynamically balanced helix
patent in 1985 still resulting in unmatched
endurance capabilities to the use of high
quality materials.

Woltex M range is available in various
lengths and connections to minimize
installation costs. Interchangeable
approved mechanisms allows easy
maintenance without re-calibration. Ease
of read in the toughest environments (ie:
fl ooded pits) is secured by orientable
hermetically sealed register (copper can/
mineral glass envelope)

The water velocity is rotating the
horizontal axis propeller. Special shape
of its inlet and outlet bearing 1 is
counteracting the natural hydraulic thrust
applied on the propeller then preventing
any downstream pivot wear.
This hydrodynamic balance was fi rstly
patented on Woltex range in 1985 and still
features Woltex with unmatched enduring
capacities. This results in a meter able to
withstand sustained high fl ows without
impacting low fl ow accuracy

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