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Liquid Control LC M7 Size 2 Inch 380 LPM Flow Meter

Flow meter liquid control lc m7

Flow meter liquid control lc m7

LC M7 Flow meter

LC M7 Flow meter
LC M7 Flow meter

oil flow meter liquid control lc m7-1

LC M7 Flow meter



Size: 2 Inch
Accuracy: ± 0.2%
Repeatability : ≤ 0.05 %
Max Temperature: –40 to 160ºF (-40 to 71ºC)
Max Pressure: 150 PSI (10.5 BAR)
Capacity: 380 LPM (150 GPM)
Meter Body: Aluminium, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel available.

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Liquid Controls is a world renowned supplier of reliable, high-accuracy, positive
displacement (PD) metering systems. Whether your business requires flow
measurement for custody transfer or process control, with an LC PD meter on your
delivery vehicle, at your bulk shipping facility, or at your plant, you’ll get years of
consistently accurate, trouble-free service. Because of the ease of installation, minimal
maintenance, and few replacement parts, you’ll appreciate the low cost of owning and
operating LC positive displacement meters.

Features and Benefits
LC meters are exclusively engineered
with no metal-to-metal contact within
the measuring chamber, making use of a
thin liquid capillary film between rotating
and stationary components for hydraulic
sealing. This unique design results in
minimal wear, sustained accuracy, and
low operating costs. When measuring
the flow of a broad range of products,
LC’s innovative design results in minimal
resistance to flow and the ability to
operate on pump pressure or gravity
feed. That means efficient performance
and low pressure drop across the meter.
LC’s combination of low pressure
drop with minimum seal or slippage
area offers better accuracy over a wide
range of flow than other commercially
produced PD meters.

The simplicity in design and high quality
manufacturing make LC meters more
reliable and less costly to operate than
other meters. Multiple installation
configurations provide greater mounting
versatility. In many cases, you can
replace your existing meter with an LC
meter with minimal disruption to system
piping and components.

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