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Jual water meter sensus 1 inch 405 S

sensus 405s Water meter 1 inch

Jual water meter sensus 1 inch 405 S

Meteran air bersih Jual water meter sensus 1 inch 405 S

Jual water meter sensus 1 inch 405 S


Merk : sensus

Type : 405 s

Size: 1 Inch

Starting Flowrate : 20 l/h

Minimum flowrate ±5% :50 l/h

Transitional flowrate ±2% : 100 l/h

Maximum registration : 105 m3

Lowest resolution : 0.05 l

Pressure loss at Qmax  : 0.6 bar

Working pressure PN : 16 bar

water meter sensus 1 inch 405 S

water meter sensus 1 inch 405 s multi jet
water meter sensus 1 inch 405 s multi jet

Main characteristics
DN 15 to 40 PN16
Magnetic transmission
Maximum water temperature 40 °C
Removable measuring mechanism
Insensitive to upstream disruptive elements
355° orientable register
High resistance to water impurities
In option it may be equipped with a removable
bonnet for quick and easy maintenance
Equipable with an HRI Sensor

The 405S is a dry dial multijet water meter with a protected magnetic
transmission between the measuring element and the totalizer. It is a PN 16
meter suited to hard network conditions
Its reliability, resistance to bad water quality and noiseless operation will
satisfy both end users and network managers

The special design of this meter combined with
the precision of the plastic parts injected by own
Sensus injection department results in an accuracy
curve exceeding the requirements for the ISO 4064
The meter will remain its metrological
characteristics even if it is subject to bad water
quality charged with sand or other particles.

Larger particles present in water can be filtered first
by the tubular strainer, then by the seat strainer.
The smallest particles can go through the meter
without damage.
All the gears are situated in the dry part of the
meter (totalizer), which removes any risk of
blockage due to suspended matter in the water.
The 405S water meter keeps its metrological
accuracy for many years of operation, even in very
difficult working conditions

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