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Jual water meter amico 1/2 Inchi

amico lxsg 15mm/ water meter amico

amico lxsg 15mm/ water meter amico

Toko Penjual water meter amico 1/2 Inchi

distributor amico 0,5 inch
distributor amico 1/2″ inch

Meter air 1/2 inch amico

Jual water meter amico 1/2 Inchi


Merk: Amico

Size: 1/2″ Inchi DN 15 mm

Tipe : LXSG-15E

Aliran Normal (Qt) : 1,6 m3/h

Aliran Tertinggi (Qa) : 2,000 lt/h

Aliran Terendah (Q1) : 0,032 m3/h

Suhu Air max 50 derajat

Tekanan Kerja 10 bar

Tahan terhadap medan magnet sampai dengan 2500 gauss

kesalahan hakiki dari penunjukan

Untuk aliran terendah < 5%

aliran Tertinggi < 2%

Flow meter air

Water metering is the process of measuring water use.

In many developed countries water meters are used to measure the volume of water used by residential and commercial buildings that are supplied with water by a public water supply system. Water meters can also be used at the water source, well, or throughout a water system to determine flow through a particular portion of the system. In most of the world water meters measure flow in cubic metres (m3) or litres [1] but in the USA and some other countries water meters are calibrated in cubic feet (ft.3) or US gallons on a mechanical or electronic register. Some electronic meter registers can display rate-of-flow in addition to total usage

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