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Flow Meter Powogaz 2 inchi Tipe MWN APATOR

Powogaz water meter 2 inchi dn 50 mm

Powogaz water meter 2 inchi dn 50 mm

FlowMeter Powogaz 2 inchi

Meteran air dingin atau meteran air untuk industri yang kami tawarkan FlowMeter Powogaz 2 inchi

FlowMeter Powogaz 2 inchi


Brand : Powogaz

Tipe: MWN

Ukuran : 2 Inchi / Dn 50 mm

Q3 :  40 m3/h

Temperatur : 50°C


Flow Meter Powogaz 2 inchi Tipe MWN APATOR


FlowMeter Powogaz 2 inchi
FlowMeter Powogaz 2 inchi

Congratulations on choosing our product. Below we present the operating instruction of water meters
with flange connectors DN 40÷300, manufactured by Apator Powogaz S A in Poznań, according to the
procedures of an Integrated system of quality, environment and safety management. Please, read the
instruction thoroughly before installing the flow transducer in order to ensure usage according to its
intended use.
1. The subject of the instruction
This instruction defines the criteria of correct choice, the conditions of correct installation, operation and maintenance as well as the rules regarding safety, environment protection and disposal of flange water
meters designed for measurement of volume of potable water used for business and industrial
purposes which flows in closed circuits (pipelines)

Technical data – standards and regulations
Technical data is included in the specification sheets for each type of water meter. Water meters
comply with the following standards and regulations:

1. Directive 2014/32/EU of 26.02.2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States
relating to making the measuring instruments available on the market.
2. The Act of 13.04.2016 on the systems of conformity assessment and market surveillance
3. PN-EN-14154 standards harmonised with a directive 2004/22/EC of the European parliament
and the European council of 31 march 2004. MID (Measuring Instruments Directive)
4. PN-ISO 4064 – Measurement of water flow in conduits. Water meters for cold potable water.
5. Ordinance of the Minister of Development of 2.06.2016 on requirements for measurement
6. Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of 07.01.2008 on legally required metrological control of
measurement instruments.
Manufactured water meters may have other installation lengths than the ones provided in PN-EN14154 standard. It is so because of specific



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