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For over a decade, utilities, cities and campuses have turned to us to connect to ‘things’ to get the data they need when they need it to improve the quality of life in their communities. Over 2,000 cities and municipalities have enabled more than 38 million smart devices for water, gas, electric and street lighting applications with our Sensus FlexNet® communication network—the industry’s fastest, most secure and cost-effective solution.

Utilities, cities, and campuses rely on us for continuous Internet of Things innovations in communications capabilities, advanced measurements and controls and smarter analytics for decision-making. We help them communicate with hard-to-reach ‘things’ using licensed radio spectrum and a superior network architecture, augmented by support for standard protocols and open interfaces. We give them further flexibility with a full suite of regional network offerings in addition to FlexNet, such as Sensus RFcellulardirect/wired or ZigBee.

And now, our customers and partners can take advantage of IoT gateways and an Application Creation Environment (ACE) to make more diverse and powerful IoT applications.

From smart gas to smart grid, to smart water and smart lighting, to smart cities and beyond—together, nothing’s out of reach.

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